Free Quote Satellite Dish Removal

For a satellite dish removal free quote and consultation, please contact us now via text message or by email. We will need 3 pictures of your satellite dish as well as the zip code that the dish is located. Please see out examples of the images below of what we need from you to give you an exactly quote for your satellite dish removal.

Areas We Serve in Southern California

Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County

2 ways to contact us for a free quote and consultation

Via Text Message

Orange County

Please include the following in your text:

  • Name
  • Zip Code
  • Type of dish or antenna to be removed
  • Send 3 pictures – See examples below

Examples of the 3 different pictures we need for a quote

Close up picture of your dish. This helps us identify the type of dish you have mounted on your home and what will be require to remove your dish safely.
From the ground to above the dish. This helps us understand the height of your dish and placement of our ladder so we can be safe in removing your dish as well as protecting your home and property from damage.
From the point of entry into your house, along the wall of the house, and up to the dish. This picture helps us understand how many coax cables you have and how many feet of coax that will need to be removed for you quote.

Via Email

    For emergencies, and same day service, please call or text us. Emails are not necessarily answered on an emergency basis.