Our Competition

Below you will find the different types of companies that we compete against.

Lead Generation

Lead generation companies are companies that have websites that develop leads that are then sold to other companies or a person who does side jobs for extra money.

You can recognize these websites because they have a form to fill out and no phone number to contact the company. Pay attention to the “Terms of Service” below the submission button on the form before you submit.

You are usually agreeing to multiple companies “Terms of Services” because they are selling your submission form to one of many different companies.

Examples: CraftJack, Angi, Networx, Home Advisor

Lead Generation Form “Terms of Service”

Authorized Partners

Another form of lead generation – These companies connect people who want side jobs and call them a fancy name “authorized partners” which they spell out in their terms and service as independent contractors, not employees or partners of the company. These independent contractors are usually a handyman that signs up with the companies and wait for them to send them jobs where they make a small fee.

Junk Removal

Most of the Junk Removal Companies only offer curbside pickup and removal.

What that means is that you will need take the dish or antenna down yourself first and then hire one of the many junk removal companies to come by your place and pick it up so they can then break the dish down and drop it off at two different recycling centers for you.

Example: GoLoadUp.com