Large Satellite Dish Removal

Large Satellite Dish Removal

Looking For Large Satellite Dish Removal?

Satellite Dish Removal Guy specializes in Large Satellite Dish Removal for both residential and commercial properties in Southern California. Over the years we have removed over a thousand of these dishes. We have developed a system to break them down in a specific order so we can remove them safely and efficiently from your home or business without any damage to your property.


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Large Satellite Dish Removal in Riverside, CA
Large Satellite Dish Removal in Riverside, CA
Large Satellite Dish Removal in Los Angeles, CA
Large Satellite Dish Removal in Los Angeles, CA

This dish goes by a few different names such as Large Satellite Dish, C-Band and BUD and were used in the 70’s and 80’s. The 1st generation dishes were 12 to 16 feet in diameter and are made up of a solid fiberglass dish and a steel mounting pole. The 2nd generation and most common dish are typically 4 to 10 feet in diameter. They are mounted on a steel pole which is usually mounted in concrete 30 inches deep on average to support the dish. The dish is made up of a solid steel frame with wire mesh.

These old dishes are just plain ugly and hurt the value of your property. They will no longer work with satellite services like Dish Network or DirectTV rendering them useless and are just waiting to be removed.

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Recent Satellite Dish Removal Guy Reviews

5 Star Service. Super quick. Showed up on time. Removed the dish and all the wires. Caulk the holes. Hauled it away to be recycled. Extremely happy with the service.

Easy to Work With, Upfront with Removal Cost, Super Satisfied, Great Service, On Time, Would Highly Recommend !!!

We needed our dish removed that day to get our rental deposit back. Satellite Guy was able to get us in that day to remove it. Thank You.

Satellite Dish Removal Guy did a great job removing my dish. Was on time, fast and very efficient. Would recommend him.

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Large Satellite Dish

Frequently asked questions

What about the satellite dish mounting bracket?

Brackets are removed that are mounted on the side of the home or on the fascia board.

Brackets that are mounted on the roof shingles can be left in place for weatherproofing or can be removed for an additional cost, but we will not warranty the roof patch.

Do you remove the satellite dish wires?

Wires are removed from the back of the dish to one of the following points:

  1. If the wire enters the home, we will cut it at the point of entry and remove the plastic bushing and fill the hole.
  • If the wire enters a junction box, we will cut the wire at the junction box.
  • If the wire connects to a splitter, we will cut the wire at the splitter.

What about the holes from the satellite dish?

First, we drill out and remove the plastic or metal anchors. Then we clean the hole with a small wire brush and blow out all the dust in the hole, so we have a clean service to bond the filler. We then fill the hole with a high-quality polyurethane caulk to keep the water out.

What areas does Satellite Dish Removal Guy cover?

We cover the following Southern California Counties:

  • Orange County, California
  • San Diego County, California
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • Riverside County, California
  • San Bernardino County, California
  • Ventura County, California

Satellite Dish Recycling Service

Did you know that your satellite dish must be recycled according to California State Law?

Your satellite dish will be disassembled into electronic waste, plastic and metal parts. It will then be dropped off at 3 different designated recycling centers to be recycled properly. This saves you time and and also helps the environment in the process by recycling the waste properly and environmentally friendly. Everyone wins!