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Satellite Dish Removal Services are dishes that are typically 18″ to 36″ inches in diameter and are made of solid steel or plastic. The first generation dishes are 12 to 16 feet in diameter and made of solid fiberglass. These big ugly dishes are known as the C-Band Satellite Dishes as well as “BUD” (big ugly dish) and were used in the 1970s and 1980s. They would snagged free cable TV signals out of the air, so cable companies like HBO and Cinemax started to encrypt their signals so they could no longer be captured.


Base mounted satellite dishes have a metal base frame and are usually secured with cinder blocks or other heavy objects to secure them.


Balcony mounted satellite dishes are usually secured to the railing by a bracket and a pole. Usually are in condos and apartments.


Pole mounted satellite dish removal are dishes that are mounted on a pole and anchored in the ground. They range from 3′ feet to 24′ feet high.


First story satellite dish removal are dishes in the range of 1′ feet to 13′ feet from the ground.


Two story satellite dish removal are dishes in the range of 18′ feet to 20′ feet from the ground.


Three story satellite dish removal are dishes in the range of 33′ to 44′ feet from the ground.

These very old dishes are a relic of the past and are obsolete. They currently do not work with the satellite TV services like Direct TV and Dish Network or any other services. They are more of an eye sore and hurt the valve of your property

These large satellite dish are very difficult and dangerous to remove on your own. Please do not attempt to do this yourself. Leave it up to a professional to remove it safely and disposal of it.

For an accurate quote, we need the following pictures. Top to bottom, showing the height of the dish. The base, showing how it is mounted to the ground, roof, or side of building. The path, were we are going to haul this dish to the street. Please call, text, or email us for a free quote today!

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