Satellite Dish Removal FAQs


What areas does Satellite Dish Removal Guy cover?

We cover the following Southern California Counties:

  • Orange County, California
  • San Diego County, California
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • Riverside County, California
  • San Bernardino County, California
  • Ventura County, California

What about the holes from the satellite dish?

First, we drill out and remove the plastic or metal anchors. Then we clean the hole with a small wire brush and blow out all the dust in the hole, so we have a clean service to bond the filler. We then fill the hole with a high-quality polyurethane caulk to keep the water out.

Do you remove the satellite dish wires?

Wires are removed from the back of the dish to one of the following points:

  1. If the wire enters the home, we will cut it at the point of entry and remove the plastic bushing and fill the hole.
  • If the wire enters a junction box, we will cut the wire at the junction box.
  • If the wire connects to a splitter, we will cut the wire at the splitter.

What about the satellite dish mounting bracket?

Brackets are removed that are mounted on the side of the home or on the fascia board.

Brackets that are mounted on the roof shingles can be left in place for weatherproofing or can be removed for an additional cost, but we will not warranty the roof patch.