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Antenna Tower removal are typically 60 to 160 feet tall and are self-supported. They are usually mounted and secured to a concrete base footing in the ground. This footing is anchored 3 to 6 feet into the dirt and are typically made of steel. The newer models are made from aluminum but can still be difficult to remove by yourself. Residential antennas are primarily used with Ham Radios for the purpose of non-commercial exchange of:

  • Messages.
  • Experimentation.
  • Training.
  • Recreation and emergency communication across the street.

These large antenna towers are still very popular today. They can send and receive signals from all around the world and can even communicate with satellites in space. They may also be used to pick up radio and TV stations.

Commercial antenna tower are operated by communication companies like the State Department of Transportation for communication and traffic control. The Local government agencies such as city, fire, and police use them. Lastly the Federal government use them as well.

The antenna towers are extremely difficult and dangerous to remove on your own. Firstly they are extremely heavy and require a great amount of skill/experience to break down in the correct order. Secondly, removing them safely from your property and properly disposing them is difficult. Please don’t try to remove one of these on your own. This is not a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

If your tower is old, rusted and or bent, it is important to IMMEDIATELY have it removed. The damage these towers can cause to your property as well as your neighbors property is expensive. Do not risk waiting, it is not worth the money as well as the time.

For an accurate quote to remove your antenna tower, we will need the following pictures.
  • Firstly, A top to bottom, showing the height of the antenna tower.
  • Secondly, The base showing how the antenna tower is mounted to the ground, roof, chimney, or side of the building.
  • Thirdly, we will also need a photo of the path that would be available to us to haul the antenna to the street.
  • We will then schedule a time to come to see the tower in person to assess the project.

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