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TV Antenna removal that you see on houses are typically 7 to 10 feet tall and are usually mounted on the side of a chimney. The TV Antenna Mast ranges from 15 to 150 feet and are typically mounted on the ridge of the roof. These mounts are secured by 4 to 24 steel cables. Indoor TV antenna are mounted in the attic, usually to protect them from the elements of wind and snow in some parts of the country.

These TV Antenna intercept radio waves from desired television stations and send them to your TV. Then, your TV then converts it to a different signal so you can watch the desired channel. More so these Tv Antennas are starting to become another relic of the past. They are still used all over the world, but are being replaced by internet services. Streaming services such as Netflix’s, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and many other channels are taking over. Thus, making these TV antennas useless and are not friendly to the eye when looking at.

Please don’t try to remove one of these on your own because most importantly, these TV antenna are very difficult and dangerous to remove. Firstly, they have been up there for a very long time and the nuts and bolts are always rusted and frozen shut. Secondly, They always require us to cut them with a metal cutting saw to be able to remove them. It is important that you remove these antennas if you notice rust, swaying of the TV antenna or bends in the metal. Thirdly, the longer time the TV antenna was installed, the higher the chances of it falling down on its own. The potential damage to your property or neighbors property is not worth waiting on!

For a Quote to remove your TV Antenna, we will need the following pictures:

For an accurate quote, we will need the following pictures to remove your TV antenna.

  • We need a photo of the top to bottom, showing the height of the antenna .
  • We need a photo of the base, showing how the antenna is mounted to the ground, roof, chimney, or side of the building
  • As well as the path that would be available for us to haul the antenna to the street.

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TV Antenna Removal
TV Antenna removal job located in Orange County, California.
TV Antenna Removal
Tall TV Antenna removal job in San Diego County, California.

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